Re:Invent Milk

In the spring of 2016, we worked with a hackathon for LRF Mjölk (The Swedish Dairy Farmers’ Association) on sustainable food for the future, Re:Invent Milk, together with Another Tomorrow and Hyvvä Kommunikation.

On May 27th, we brought together a group of sustainability experts, nutritionists, researchers, diary farmers, creatives and teachers to work together and innovate around the challenge: “How can milk be seen as part of the sustainable food of the future?

A hackathon is when you bring a group of people with different perspectives together to work with and innovate around a given challenge during a limited time. Traditionally, hackathons have been used to describe an event where developers and programmers are brought together to work on developing prototypes. Today, the event form can be used to bring together all kinds of professionals to work in groups with others that have a different background and skill set, to come up with new angles on a given challenge through interdisciplinary collaboration.

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