Our vision

What we believe

We believe in a world where people can work across borders, using digital technologies.

We believe that clear messages, great content and great design is what makes people remember you.


True engagement – inside and out

Today, only 13 % of the world population feel engaged at work, according to Gallup. Engaged employees are often productive employees, that share a company’s values and strive in the same direction as the business. For a company to succeed, the people are key. That’s why we believe that Human Capital Engagement (HCE index) is the new business measure for success.


Networked Agency

We are a networked agency and bring in the right competence for each project, to ensure the most skilled people are involved in getting you the results you need. We have a vast network of freelancers and agencies that we work with; in Sweden, the UK and Japan.

Contact: info@fagelstedt.com