• Human Capital Engagement – the new measure for business success
    25/06/18 Future of Work

    Human Capital Engagement – the new measure for business success

    During the spring, we’ve spent a lot of time talking to companies about what’s stopping them from reaching their maximum potential. Interestingly enough, 90 % of the people we’ve spoken with have answered the same thing: it’s difficult to build engagement and a common understanding internally around a company’s strategy.

    As a response to this challenge, we are launching a new service that we’ve decided to call Human Capital Engagement. Today, only 13 % of the world’s working population feel engaged at work, according to Gallup. Indifference is often the result of not feeling that what you are doing is making a difference. So what would happen if management teams started to focus on boosting employees as a key part of the business strategy?

    We help companies build energizing communication platforms, both internally and externally, to increase employee engagement. Our goal is to help build organizations where ordinary people can deliver extraordinary results and to make sure that everyone feels that they are part of one team working towards a common goal.

    Ping us to discuss how we can help your company increase your competitive edge while at the same time building a great place to work: info@fagelstedt.com.

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  • Fågel & Fågel – teaming up for 2018
    07/02/18 Future of Work

    Fågel & Fågel – teaming up for 2018

    I am happy to announce that this year, I will be teaming up with my father, Leif Fagelstedt, to offer management teams a comprehensive review of their business and marketing strategy. I’ve specialized in digitalization and communications strategies for the past 8 years. Leif has over 30 years’ experience from leading positions in business development and marketing strategy at global organizations such as IBM and Nokia, and has also served as a strategic advisor to several startups. We are both convinced that for companies to thrive today, a people-centric approach is needed. Digital is key, but not without linking it to the overall business strategy. Bridging our expertise and experience we can offer a new perspective and approach to help companies stay ahead of their competition. We can provide an outside-in view to help open up new markets, develop and launch new products and services, or help your company reach the next level in your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch if you are interested to chat!

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  • Internetdagarna 2017: Digital nomads and the future of work
    12/12/17 Future of Work

    Internetdagarna 2017: Digital nomads and the future of work

    At Internetdagarna 2017 in Stockholm, Svenska Nomader headed up the track ”Digital Nomad – The Future of Work”, moderated by Emelie Fågelstedt. We were joined by speakers from Telia, Arbetsförmedlingen and NOX Consulting as well as brilliant minds such as Tobias Degsell, Markus Christiansson, Anette Gustafsson, Emelie Ekblad, Kristian Borglund and Emma Lindgren. In 2035, there will be 1 billion digital nomads in the world – people that can work location independently with the world as their office. So how can companies attain top talent when they are competing with the world? Discussions during the day were about the gig economy, the networked society, the importance of working in teams – both inhouse and together with consultants, as well as what the workplace of tomorrow will look like – both physical and virtual.

    Further reading (in Swedish):
    Emelie writes for Internetworld: Gig economy: Utan lägenhet, bil och egen säng – varför inte dra till värmen?
    Emelie interviewed by Dagens Analys on life as a digital nomad: Podden: Livet som digital nomad med Emelie Fågelstedt
    Emelie interviewed in Mogul’s new podcast on the rise of digital nomads: Podden Digitalt: Digital Nomad

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  • Why companies should be pushing for remote
    04/06/17 Future of Work

    Why companies should be pushing for remote

    More companies should be embracing remote work – to fuel their organizations with new perspectives and energy, and to attract new talent. Remote work can mean a lot of different things – working remotely all the time, a few days a week, or making occasional trips to work from another place for a period of time. It’s about the freedom to decide yourself where you want to work from at the moment and where you feel the most engaged; be it at home, a local café, a co-working space or a different country entirely. Studies claim that allowing employees to work from home increases both productivity, creativity and happiness.

    A Gallup report on the State of the American Workplace found that 43% of the employed US workforce work remotely at least some of the time. The same report also found that flexible work scheduling and the opportunity to work-from-home plays a big role in a person’s decision to take or leave a job.

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  • How your Employees can Become your Most Valued Marketing Assets
    05/12/16 Digital

    How your Employees can Become your Most Valued Marketing Assets

    The importance of influencer marketing, working with external influential profiles in social media and on the web, has become a widely used strategy for marketing departments looking to build their brand online. A lot of effort is put into identifying and working with the right blogger, YouTube-profile or other digital star that can help your brand reach and engage new target groups. What a lot of companies tend to forget however, is that the best ambassadors are usually hidden within a company’s own four walls; and are also known as employees.

    This fall, I started the initiative Branding’em together with Emma Lindgren. We are convinced that companies can reach a whole new level of success and online influence by working strategically with engaging their own employees, and letting them be part of a company’s external communication.

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  • Why you should do more public speaking
    03/10/16 Digital

    Why you should do more public speaking

    I was speaking with one of my mentors this spring on networking in London, and his number one advice to me was: “Do more public speaking.”

    Now I have done public speaking in the past, at conferences, schools and companies in Sweden, including Nordic eCommerce Summit, Webbdagarna, Stockholm University and Nackademin, but I’m still fairly new to London. And what better of a city to do more public speaking and host events on branding and digital marketing than in London – the European hub for startups and innovation?

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  • Why everyone needs to learn how to code
    15/09/16 Tech

    Why everyone needs to learn how to code

    I just spent one week in Barcelona together with 100 other Swedish ladies learning how to code, as part of the coding camp initiative Tjejer Kodar. I attended the “How to become a hackathon pro” course and my focus for the week was on understanding the basics of Python and learning how to gather and visualize data from different APIs. Others learnt everything from the basics of web development and hardware development to how to build games in React and C#.

    Tjejer Kodar started with the aim of getting more women into programming. The organization was founded by Sandra Hindskog and Hanna Pettersson in Stockholm, Sweden, and to date almost 200 women have taken part of their coding camps in Spain and London.

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  • Hackathons – solve a challenge by bringing different perspectives together
    23/06/16 Digital

    Hackathons – solve a challenge by bringing different perspectives together

    A hackathon is when you bring a group of people with different perspectives together to work with and innovate around a given challenge during a limited time. Traditionally, hackathons have been used to describe an event where developers and programmers are brought together to work on developing prototypes. Today, the event form can be used to bring together all kinds of professionals to work in groups with others that have a different background and skill set, to come up with new angles on a given challenge through interdisciplinary collaboration.

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