Fågel & Fågel – teaming up for 2018
07/02/18 Future of Work

Fågel & Fågel – teaming up for 2018

I am happy to announce that this year, I will be teaming up with my father, Leif Fagelstedt, to offer management teams a comprehensive review of their business and marketing strategy. I’ve specialized in digitalization and communications strategies for the past 8 years. Leif has over 30 years’ experience from leading positions in business development and marketing strategy at global organizations such as IBM and Nokia, and has also served as a strategic advisor to several startups. We are both convinced that for companies to thrive today, a people-centric approach is needed. Digital is key, but not without linking it to the overall business strategy. Bridging our expertise and experience we can offer a new perspective and approach to help companies stay ahead of their competition. We can provide an outside-in view to help open up new markets, develop and launch new products and services, or help your company reach the next level in your digital marketing strategy. Get in touch if you are interested to chat!

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We can help your company become a digital leader in your industry, help you find your new brand identity, or create an unexpected campaign that will get people talking. We help create engaging communication, internally and externally.